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 Brew Doctors 
 Blimpie Subs & Salad
 660-263-4859   Mon-Fri: 8a-8p, Sat-Sun; 10a-4p 
 The Brick 660-263-1414All Week: 6:30a-2p
 Burger King
 660-263-7434Closing times! Mon-Thurs: 12a, Fri-Sat: 2a, Sun: 12:30a
 Casey's Carry-Out (Hwy 24)
 660-263-8725 All Week: 5:30a-10p
 Casey's Carry-Out (S. Morley)
 660-263-9949 All Week: 5:30a-10p
 CC Sawyers
 Chen's Bistro 660-263-0060 Sun: Closed, Mon-Sat: 11a-9p
 China Garden
 660-269-9800 Sun-Thurs:11a-9:30, Fri-Sat:11a-10:30a
 China Garden Menu
 Domino's Pizza
Sun-Thurs:10a-12p, Fri-Sat:11a-1a
 Funny Pages
 660-263-5233 Mon-Fri: 6a-8p, Sat-Sun: 6a-3p
 Gathering Place
 660-269-9207 All Week: 6a-10p?
 Hardees 660-263-6007Sun-Thur: 5:30a-10p, Fri-Sat: 5:30a-11p
 Jerry's 660-263-3230 Monday Closed! Tue-Sat:11a-8p, Sun:11a-2p
 KFC 660-263-0644Sun-Thurs:10:30a-9p, Fri-Sat:10:30a-9:30p
 Long John Silvers
 660-263-8484 Sun-Thurs:7:30a-10p, Fri-Sat:7:30-11p
 Lula's 660-263-9610Sun & Mon Closed! Tue-Sat:4p-9p
 Lunch Box
 Mc Donald's (N. Morley St.)
 660-263-8820 Sun-Thurs: 5a-11p, Fri-Sat: 5a-12a
 Nelly's-Someplace Else
 660-263-7720 All Week:11a-9p
 Pizza Hut
 660-263-1511Sun-Thurs:11a-11p, Fri-Sat:11a-12p
 Pizza Works
 660-263-8102 All Week: 11a-9p
 Rick's Americana Grill
 660-263-4747 Sun-Thurs:11a-9p, Fri-Sat:11a-10p
 Santa Fe
 660-263-6565 Mon-Thurs:11a-10p, Fri-Sat:11a-10:30p, Sun:11a-9:30p
 Sonic 660-263-3231 Mon-Thurs: 6a-11p, Fri-Sat: 6a-12a, Sun: 7a-11p
 Staceys Dinner Bell
 Subway (N. Morley St.)
 660-263-0543 All Week:7a-10p
 Subway (Hwy. 24)
 660-263-2603 All Week:7a-10p
 Taco Bell
 660-263-1221Sun-Thurs:10a-2a, Fri-Sat:10a-3a
 Wabash 660-269-9932 Mon-Sat: 11a-10p Sun:12p-8p
 Westside Inn (Concannon St. Moberly)
 660-263-2040Sunday Closed!,  Mon &Tue:11a-4p, Wed-Thurs:11a-9p